Global Housing Industry Corporation (GHI) is a Washington, DC based firm focused on holistic real estate development services providing social impact, community and culturally sensitive, environmentally friendly and self-sustainable housing and energy solutions. Our holistic approach is harnessed on our mission to provide economic stimulus to the surrounding community through workforce development and job creation throughout every stage of development.  

Our leadership believes that real estate development should be an all inclusive process that accounts for each and every stakeholder to provide the maximum benefit to the community at large. Our goal is to provide environmentally sound affordable building technology for every citizen of the world, thereby assisting in the creation of a sound economic framework and a technological training and educational program, whilst improving the worlds housing and energy standards.

GHI focuses on green building technology, maximizing existing technologies for more sustainable development. While energy and water efficiency are the most visible outcomes of building efficiency, GHI will focus on green building projects to implement a more holistic effort that will build upon the interconnections among various disciplines and building systems, as well as design, construction, and operations, yielding higher productivity and output through a more integrated process.