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GHI offers a full stack of design and build services to achieve real estate development and project goals. Through our comprehensive project onboarding process, GHI engages with the client to reveal a thorough and detailed understanding of vision and desired outcomes to deliver the most detail oriented strategy to achieve success. GHI will curate project delivery teams around the needs of the client with the skills needed to successfully deliver the project. 

Architectural Design Services:

GHI Architectural Design:

  • Full service design and construction administration

  • Management of integrated design processes

Development Services:

GHI Development:

  • Selecting and managing the development team — architect, engineers, construction company attorneys, technologists, and other required professionals.

  • Development of project financial strategy (business structure, grants, loans, tax credits, and other applicable financial instruments)  

  • Managing all required processes for real estate development 

  • Providing management over cash flow and accounting

Construction Management

GHI leads and manages construction projects of project sites: 

  • Overseeing all activities of construction process

  • Management of all additional site requirements (networking, security, telecommunication infrastructure) 

Financial Modeling

GHI delivers a clear project strategy, identifying the possible financial sources and uses in the pre-development phase of the project : 

  • Building project model , working with lenders and agencies to clearly define financing costs

  • Providing estimates from builders and technologists to construct an active ProForma summary

  • Managing and negotiating all proposals from required subject matter experts (consultants and professionals)

  • Creating financial projections to reflect other prospective development costs

  • Developing a contingency strategy to address unforeseen expenses

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